Cameron Colvin

Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Colvin having played for the De La Salle Spartans, Oregon Ducks, and San Francisco 49ers. His story was recently portrayed by Ser'Darius William Blain in the 2014 Sony film When the Game Stands Tall, about his life through high school with the De La Salle Spartans.

Now Chairman of a multimillion dollar International real estate development and investment firm CamCo Commercial Inc, Creative Solutions company “Rise Above Enterprises Development " that has taken on projects for Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee and other big name clients. Cameron is currently an active investor on hit show Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch by Sprint which did 25m total views.

Now author of Never Stop " 12 Principles of Success book series. Cameron has been featured in numerous global media outlets from Forbes, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, New York Post and more.

With his passion in leadership, business, and philanthropy, Cameron started his involvement in Linking Sports and Communities, a 15 year nonprofit that supports underprivileged youth. His commitment to growing businesses and helping communities has set Cameron on a path to influence many around the world.

Brad Logan

Councel - Real Estate Executive

After 3 years of writing legal documents governing real estate transactions, I pursued a desire to become more proficient at the deal making side of real estate and joined CBRE as broker. In 1999 Logan Enterprises, LLC was formed and served as the operating entity for what would become several inter-related commercial real estate companies in the disciplines of real estate brokerage, property management, mortgage brokerage, construction, commercial property insurance claim restoration, and electrical/commercial lighting services. These companies operated under my direction and under the names of Cavan Commercial, Logan Commercial, Logan Asset Management, C2C, CornerStone, EnviroLight et al. In 2006, these companies employed a staff just short of 50 team members and reached over $5.3 million in annual sales.

My unique ability and greatest service to these companies was generating new business through sourcing real estate opportunities and maintaining long term partner, investor, client, banking and vendor relationships. My passion is to utilize strategic thinking in order to match resources with opportunity and create win-win outcomes. I have been directly involved in the design, development, sales, management and construction of more than 5 million square feet of commercial real estate projects in the greater Phoenix area and acted as a consultant for several projects outside of Maricopa County, including as distant as Connecticut. Further, I created and authored the “Logan Office Condo Report” which is the only research of its kind available in Arizona tracking over 300 projects and more than 15 million square feet of owner/user office condo development.

Atlas Atendido

Design Technologist

I’m a renegade generalist hacker. Jack of all trades - Master of some. A React Full-stack developer, graphic / web designer, and digital marketer. I’ve helped launch multiple startups, co-founded a non-profit, and I have started and organized multiple meetup groups including HackerNest Seattle and grew it to over 800 members in 2 years.

I’m a strong proponent of the positive model of integrity and its relation to high performing creative teams, lean startup methodology, and I have years of top-notch Ontological / Phenomenological leadership training (instructed by Werner Erhard, Steve Zafron, Michael C Jennings, and Jerri Echivarea).

My greatest passion and highest aim is the utilization of technology and crystal clear design thinking to give the greatest amount of people the tools they need to make positive changes in the leadership of their own lives. I’m a musician of 18 years, martial artist of 6, and in my free-time I operate a small spray painting business called the Dreamstate Monkeys with my wife.

Daniel Morales


Daniel Morales is a Graphic Designer and Brand Specialist from Phoenix Arizona. In 2017 he left his formal education of design to pursue freelance work, landing a series of high end design projects. Shortly after, he began a visual blog accompanied by a website to showcase his eclectic design work, an art style referred to as ‘ACID GRAPHICS’.

Often times his artistic renders depict grungy or eerie spin offs of pop culture icons or technology from his childhood. His initial background in ‘ACID GRAPHICS’ and music production / artist branding gave him the refined skills needed to take on projects that are both creative and commercial.

Through an incredible journey in multiple creative disciplines, Daniel has become the current in-house designer for CamCo and his influence on the global lifestyle brand that he manages, NEVERSTOP, speaks to his unique experience and perspective in fashion design, music production, and technology.

Candace Silva

Executive Assistant

Candace Silva is the Executive Assistant for Cameron Colvin CEO of Rise Above Enterprises. Candace brings extensive experience to the company with expertise in client scheduling and correspondence. Candace's expertise in communication and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to Rise Above Enterprises. Candace has demonstrated the ability to work in a fast paced environment while maintaining a very high degree of professionalism.

Originally from New Mexico, Candace has studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Candace has previously worked diligently at executing her entrepreneurial skills and had created her own social media marketing company and rental home maintenance service company. This has enabled Candace to acquire strength, patience and problem solving abilities when it comes to participating in a professional atmosphere. Candace has also strengthened herself by being a mother to two wonderful daughters. Candace's previous experience has helped her to grow with Rise Above Enterprises, as she came prepared with prior business knowledge and is eager to learn and grow within the company.

Abiel Valencia

Digital Content Creator

Hey! My name is Abiel Valencia and I’m a Digital Content Creator. I graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2019 and have worked as a freelance photographer and videographer since 2016. I have experience in numerous project types, specifically in documentary, short film, and music video.

I moved to New York in 2019 to work as a Freelance PA. I got to meet tons of creative people and experience different environments working with multiple media companies. Relationships are super important in my industry and I believe creating and maintaining relationships with people you have worked with are essential for success.

I recently moved back to Arizona to be closer to my family and friends. I am engaged, my fiancé and I plan to get married in 2021 and start our own Creative Agency in the near future. Creating films and photography is more than work for me, when I create a project I want to make sure that whenever someone sees my work, I want them to feel that specific emotion, what emotion you ask? Well, that’s for you to know.